In the space between waking and sleeping we have our most vivid dreams—vaguely strung together threads of memories, inner weirdness, our fears and hopes. It is in this space where you’ll find the new album of ethereal dream-pop band French for Rabbits. The Weight of Melted Snow is an album of weight, seeped in ghosts, memories, a yearning. It is an album of halves. On one side, the heartache of a relationship coming to an end, and on the other, a healing and an understanding that things will be okay. The album is their first recording to be released with an expanded five-piece line-up and is their most expansive, cinematic sound to date.

French for Rabbits is the project of New Zealand musician Brooke Singer and band. They formed in 2011, when Singer and guitarist John Fitzgerald began writing and recording lo-fi demos of ambient dream-folk in the small coastal township of Waikuku Beach. Now Wellington-based, they are joined by drummer Hikurangi Schaverien-Kaa (Glass Vaults), and multi-instrumentalists Ben Lemi (Trinity Roots) and Penelope Esplin (Prophet Hens).

Having toured extensively through Europe, opening for Agnes Obel, featuring twice on The Vampire Diaries, French for Rabbits have garnered millions of listens online by kindred music lovers worldwide. Their live shows are a mesmerising experience, punctuated by the sideways charm of their lead vocalist – once described in concert as making a concert hall feel as comfortable as a living room.

Their previous recordings include Spirits, released in 2014 on US label Lefse Records, and Claimed by the Sea, a six song EP released in 2012 when the band was still a duo.

It’s tender and intimate yet ambitious as the sky is wide
— Stereogum
Evoking both escapist lost weekends on sunlit shores and more melancholy-infused desolate landscapes...
— UK Sunday Star Times